We take our obligation to safeguard the residents of Orange County from bed bugs very seriously. It appears that bed bug infestations in the area have been noticeably increasing as of the recent past months.

orange county bed bugs

If you find bed begs, call (949) 229-8022 immediately!

We think we can all agree that bed bugs are totally revolting and nobody likes them. Bed bugs make it hard for you to ignore them and you will need to take action against them right away if you suspect or have confirmed their presence.

Bed bugs prey on humans when they’re sleeping using their stylet. The numbing agent found in their saliva numbs your skin as they suck your blood so you likely won’t be aware you’re getting feasted upon when it’s happening.  It will then suck blood for about 5 minutes before returning to hide once again. Bite locations might swell or redden, similar to that of other bug bites.

It’s not uncommon to not spot the bed bugs themselves. They will primarily hide in the cracks around your bed and lay their eggs in the seams of your mattresses. If you start to notice tiny fecal blotches or blood smears on your bedsheets there is a large chance the culprit is bed bugs. If this happens you need to phone our Orange County bed bug exterminators immediately. We don’t recommend sleeping in your home until they’ve been treated and eliminated.

Should you discover any signs of bed bugs just phone us right away. We can schedule an inspection to determine the level of severity and start treatment accordingly after discussing our findings with you.  You never want to delay treatment for bed bugs or you risk heightening the level of infestation, making it that much harder to remove the pests once you do seek professional treatment. Call (949) 229-8022 today!